Who We Are

Scrabble Association of Uganda (SAU) is the national apex body for the administration and promotion of the game of scrabble in Uganda and it is registered by the National Council of Sports (NCS). SAU is affiliated to the World English-Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) and is a member of the Pan African Scrabble Association (PANASA) and the East and Central Africa Scrabble Association (ECASA).

SAU was established with the cardinal objective of promoting and fostering development and growth of the game of scrabble in Uganda. Its activities have included organization of local and international scrabble tournaments, building teams for participation in regional and international tournaments, as well as supporting the growth of scrabble clubs across the country and in institutions such as secondary schools, colleges and universities. Currently its membership constitutes of the following registered clubs; Spa Scrabble Club, Bandores Scrabble Club, Lira Scrabble Club, Gulu Scrabble Club, Mukagwa Scrabble Club, Mbarara Scrabble Club, Toro Scrabble Club, Kabale Scrabble Club, Namayingo-Bugiri Scrabble Club, Busia Scrabble Club, Soroti Scrabble Club, The Office Scrabble Club, Knights Youth Scrabble Club. KYU Scrabble Club, UCU Scrabble Club and MUBS Scrabble Club. An Executive Committee elected every three years in SAU’s Annual General Meeting steers the affairs of the association.