Bandores Scrabble Club has been in existence for 8 years now.

It all started from in 2013 when students from different walks of life pursuing different courses at Makerere University and were very passionate about the game decided to form their own Scrabble Club. This was a result of experiencing a few competitive games in the National Tournaments that were always fun.

    The word “BANDORES”…acceptable word… stems from the initials of the names of the founding members of the club and these are mentioned below;

  • Mr. Albert Bariho ( Chairman ) 
  • Eng. Dreck Mugizi
  • Mr. Arinaitwe Davis Murezi
  • Mr. Ivan Sentongo
  • Eng. John Paul Rutaremwa ( Treasurer )
  • Dr. Kamyuka Louis
  • Mr. Emmanuel Kedi
  • Mr. Kiddu Moses
  • Mr. Ahumuza Samuel

You will note that the ‘B’ comes from Bariho, ‘A’ for Arinaitwe, ‘N’ was to cater for any ladies we would later recruit who we assumed would have names starting with letter N. wow hahahaha. The ‘D’ for both Dreck and Davis, ‘O’ for Odongkara, ‘R’ for Rutaremwa, ‘E’ for Edgar and the ‘S’ which is one of the most valuable tiles in the bag stood for Sentongo who birthed the idea of forming the club. So that is how the club came into existence!!

The club has since recruited new players who love the game mainly from Makerere University and some of these are Alyek Linda (Vice Chairman), Lucy Turihabwe, Matthew Kawuki, Tibaingana Phoebe, Caleb Kakuba Kanyesige, Okello Emmanuel and Lwebuga Ronald who are still active players.

The club has two of the top 5 players in the country considering both the National and International Ratings. So clearly you have got to join Bandores Club to have a chance to train with the best and be the best.

Thank you and Welcome!!!!