Mukagwa Scrabble Club is the citadel and pioneer of competitive scrabble in the river port city of Jinja. It was founded in 2009 by a group of scrabble enthusiasts who are also members of the historical social club known as Mukagwa. It currently has 14 members constituting of some scrabble veterans and some budding talents. Its activities are steered by Sip Muganhwa as Chairman and Assumpta Nakyanzi as Secretary/Tournament Director.   Our founding Chairman Nelson Kyagera currently serves as President of the Scrabble Association of Uganda. Our club boasts of having groomed some of the very proficient scrabblers in Uganda such as Davis Apuuli popularly known as “the Machine” who is now coach/player with the Office Scrabble Club Jinja. In our vision of growing the game of scrabble in the Busoga sub region we technically supported the Office Scrabble Club to grow and formalize into the second competitive scrabble club in Jinja. In the past we have also had some initiatives to support the growth of the game in Iganga District.

In 2010 our club initiated the famous “Scrabble on the Nile” annual tournament held in Jinja City every December. This event usually attracts highly ranked scrabblers from the neighbouring nation of Kenya thus dubbed “The battle for Migingo”! To date there have been 10 editions of this competition, 7 of which have been hosted by its cradle, Mukagwa Scrabble Club.

When in Jinja feel free to check in at Mukagwa Club for a practice session of a game of scrabble and all interested citizens of Jinja are invited to horn their scrabble skills at Mukagwa Club located at Plot 1 Gokhale Rd West, Jinja City.

Sip Muganhwa – Chairman Mukagwa Scrabble Club, Jinja.